Heath Bradley’s animations, websites and other multimedia projects.

Since completing Multimedia studies in the late 90’s I have worked in a variety of fields for companies including : Take 40 Australia (flash web); HSF Media; ARES Interactive (cd-rom); Kestrel Films; and Southern Lord Records (video editing).

As a motion graphics artist I have taught web and flash animation at RMIT Brunswick Campus and produced the Office Musical entitled ‘Bangers’.

Current projects

Handygirl TV pilot animation. Commissioned by Yum Studio.

Chase the Rainbow : The History of Paedamonte Records.

Animated backdrop for B.I.G’s European tour.

Sock Puppet Theater. Katie & Frankie are a complicated couple.

Latest websites

Koshka fashion


Yum Studio

B’itch Body Oils

Mac Attack Furniture

Adam Seery Accounting

Full Metal Revival

Amy Tsilemanis

Fruits of Nature

E. A. Gleeson

Brain Tartare

Seldon Hunt – in development

Earth : Within The Drone

a documentary

In February/ March of 2006 Dylan Carlson took his long term project ‘Earth’ on an extensive tour of Europe with Sunn0))).

Artist Seldon Hunt shot a lot of footage of both bands for this project – with plenty of live material from such venues as Amsterdam’s legendary Paradiso and Porto Casa De Musica in Portugal, as well as several hours of interviews.

I cut this into a one hour documentary for Earth’s CD/DVD ‘Hibernaculum’, released through Southern Lord Records March 2007.

ISIS : Altered Course

a documentary

Documentary covering ISIS on their 2005 European tour. Forty-one gigs over seven weeks.

Cut for the bands ‘Clearing the Eye’ DVD. It also screened at the Scheld’apen Cinemal as part of Seldon Hunt’s Belgium Exhibition 2008.


Bangers Rocktansky and his merry band from Paedamonte Industries!

published Dec. 17, 2013

published Nov. 29, 2013