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Will Carroll’s Bedtime Stories. A trilogy of animations for GimmeRadio.com

The Immortal Story

~ part 1 ~

Bronson J. Paedamonte said he fell in love with music in 1932, when his older brother took him to see Duke Nuggets & The Wattle Gum Jug Band at the Royal Melbourne Show. The beauty of the whistle jug improvisation and the elegance of the washboards made a life changing impact on the impressionable 9 year old.
Paedamonte Records has always been a powerhouse on not only the Australian but the Universes’ musical landscape since its 1970 inception.
Augie Hopperman, Little Jill & The Frog, The Stockholm Black, AB Caesar and many other stories of the labels biggest artists will be collected for the first time in this volume.
Goth Bloc fans everywhere, your time is now! Our official Randy Blythe shirt is out now to celebrate everyone’s favorite segment of “The Power Remains”- the Goth Bloc. Designed by our friend Heath Bradley, be sure to pick one up today and pair it with your favorite eyeliner for your next 80’s goth night.
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Lamb of God have revealed a brand new, Heath Bradley animated video for their Burn the Priest cover of the Ministry hit, “Jesus Built My Hotrod.”
The song comes off Lamb of God’s full-length covers album as Burn the Priest, Legion: XX. The album is a collection of songs honoring the classic punk, hardcore, crossover and noise artists that influenced the band in their formative years, released in celebration of Burn the Priest’s upcoming 20th anniversary.

Lamb of God

- video clip -

Earth – Within the Drone

~ preview of the tour documentary ~


Wheels of Steel