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By May 25, 2020August 24th, 2022Editing

Nick the Stripper

One winter lockdown morning I read that Nick Cave was seeking cover versions of his tunes to play on his YouTube channel. Submissions were due at midnight. 

Nothing important to do that day – so sent Kank an email to see if he was interested. Footage and a song were with me by 5. It was edited and in the Bad Seeds Dropbox by 6. 

We both agreed the final product was certainly ‘no Scorcese’ and would have little to no chance of getting past Nick’s web police.

It somehow did get a screening and an honourable mention in The Red Right Hand Files.

If you saw it you saw it. If you didn’t you didn’t. We didn’t. We’ll leave Kank Wolverang’s cover of Nick the Stripper with its ‘cult’ status for now and give this masterpiece an airing one day.